Esther García Rosado informs you that all purchases made on our website (from now on GS Tours) by the client (from now on 'the Client') will be subject to the General Conditions of purchase of the services exposed in the present document.

If any aspect of the purchase is not contemplated in it, it will be regulated according to current legislation in Spain.

The purchase made by the Client implies his agreement and acceptance of these General Conditions of purchase of the services. No stipulation made by the Client regarding these Purchase Conditions may differ from those established by GS Tours.

All the information that appears on the web pages of www.granadaselectedtours.com regarding the services, their characteristics, their prices, their purchase conditions may be modified by GS Tours at any time and without prior notice, in order to be informed promptly to the general public of such changes.

In case of any variation in any service, this will be informed at the time of purchase or at the beginning of the service, the valid and definitive information being that provided by the guide at the beginning of the visit. Any of the places foreseen within the development of each of the visits, may be replaced by another of similar category or characteristics, if special circumstances or force majeure force us to do so.


1.1 Except for typographical errors or omissions, the characteristics as well as the prices of the services provided for the purchase are perfectly reflected on the different web pages that make up the www.granadaselectedtours.com site.

1.2 The amount of the prices of the services as well as any of their characteristics may be subject to review by GS Tours at any time without the latter having any obligation to notify such modifications to the Client by any means other than the exposure of said changes on their web pages. However, GS Tours could notify the Client of any modification by e-mail or WhatsApp. On the other hand, except for correction of typographical errors, once the service has been purchased, GS Tours will undertake to maintain the current price for the Client at the time the order was placed.


1.3.1 The prices that GS Tours shows on its website are vat inclusive.


2.1 It will be understood that the Client has read, understands and freely accepts these General Conditions of purchase of the services when making his purchase through the existing reservation forms on the website www.granadaselectedtours.com accepting (checking) the box provided for this purpose.

2.2 Since there are links on the web www.granadaselectedtours.com for the free viewing of these General Conditions of purchase of services, these will also apply to the services requested through any other means other than the internet order form (by e-mail, by phone, by fax or in person). In the event that the Client purchases services on third-party sites, the Client will be governed by the General Conditions of the site where they make the purchases, GS Tours will not be responsible or have legal obligation for the use of such sites.

2.3 GS Tours will always reserve the right to accept or deny at its own discretion any request for purchase, extension, renewal, modification or change of any of the services displayed on its web pages.

2.4 The Client affirms that both his own data, as well as those of payment, as well as those of the purchase provided to GS Tours are real and reliable. In the event that GS Tours verifies that any or all of said data is false, the purchase will be automatically canceled and the Client will not be able to claim any refund regarding the expenses derived from the management.

2.5 In the event that the Client provides data of a third person or entity when making the purchase, the Client will be solely responsible for said third person or entity knowing and expressly accepting such situation. All responsibility for the damages that may arise from this fact will fall entirely on the Client, excluding GS Tours from any liability.

2.6 Any indication or query that the Customer makes in the sections for comments on the purchase or in subsequent communications will be taken as merely informative and will not condition in any case the purchase made.

2.7 Likewise, GS Tours reserves the right to retain the purchase of the service while waiting for any information it needs from the Client.

2.8 The Customer is informed of the description of the purchased service and of all the information it contains, meeting time and place, duration, inclusions and exclusions of the service, itinerary and additional information (requirements and obligations) available on the web. In addition, once the purchase is confirmed and paid, the Customer will receive a service confirmation voucher by e-mail with the order number, the contracted service, number of people, the date, the amount ... etc.

2.9 The Client will have to show the tour guide a copy of the voucher that they will receive by e-mail at the end of their purchase and their valid passport.


3.1 The Client is responsible for the payment of the services even when a third party intervenes on behalf of the Client, so the responsibility for providing authentication, access or identification data to a third party is solely and exclusively the Client.

3.2 In the event that there is a chargeback made by credit card / PayPal whose cause for return was not by mistake directly attributable to GS Tours, the Client will be charged with an additional fee of 5% on the value of the amount returned, which will make up the expenses incurred in both bank commissions and collection management. Said amount will be charged to the Client in the terms and forms that GS Tours deems appropriate.


3.3.1 The Client must take into account making the payment of their purchases in EUROS, all eventual bank commissions for currency exchange will be borne by the Client.

3.3.2 Payment of the purchase amount must be received by GS Tours free of bank commissions or other expenses derived from the transaction.

3.3.3 Payment via PayPal The Customer can select this form of payment to pay for purchases. By doing so, you will be connected to the PayPal environment so that you can identify yourself as a user and complete the payment. Credit card fraud is a crime, and GS Tours will take legal action against anyone who makes or attempts to carry out a fraudulent transaction or scam.

3.3.4 Payments by credit card charge (Authorized by the entity) This is the usual card payment method on the Internet. In this type of payment, the operation is authorized by the issuing entity of the customer's card through a connection through the payment gateway (virtual POS) of the GS Tours bank. The client will access a controlled environment in which they will directly provide said entity with their card details which will connect them to their bank / savings bank to authorize the operation. In this way, the payment will be made directly, legitimately and safely, maintaining the privacy of the card information at all times. Credit card fraud is a crime, and GS Tours will take legal action against anyone who makes or attempts to carry out a fraudulent transaction or fraud.


4.1 GS Tours declares and guarantees that it can perform its own and third-party services through its website www. granadaselectedtours.com and that it is in possession of sufficient means (both in technical equipment and in provision of services) for the complete sales process.

4.2 In the event that the organizing company is forced to suspend the purchased service, the amounts paid will be returned immediately, offering the Client alternative dates available.

4.3 The abandonment or separation of the group during the visit, for reasons not attributable to the organization, implies the loss of all right to claim.


5.1 The request for cancellation or modification of the purchased service must be made by the Client through an email addressed to info@granadaselectedtours.com, indicating the order number.

5.2 Cancellation of the purchase of guided tours with tickets to monuments, shows, etc., once confirmed, entails the following expenses (unless other conditions specified in the product file itself):

5.2.1 Cancellations requested more than 96 hours in advance with respect to the date of the activity will incur a management fee of 10% of the total amount of the reservation, with a minimum of 15€. The difference will be credited to the card with which the customer made the purchase.

5.2.2 50% of the amount paid will be refunded, if cancellation is requested between 96 and 72 hours in advance with respect to the date of the activity.

5.2.3 No amount will be refunded, if cancellation is requested less than 72 hours before the date of the activity.

5.2.4 No amount will be refunded if the client does not show up for the activity.

5.3 The cancellation of the purchase of guided tours, once confirmed, entails the following expenses:

5.3.1 Cancellations requested between 96 and 72 hours in advance with respect to the date of the activity, will incur a management fee of 10% of the total amount of the reservation, with a minimum of 15€. The difference will be credited to the card with which the customer made the purchase.

5.3.2 Cancellations requested less than 72 hours in advance with respect to the date of the activity or no-show on the indicated day, will entail 100% of the service expenses.

5.4 In case of cancellation due to force majeure, you should contact GS Tours by sending an email to info@granadaselectedtours.com, explaining the reason for your cancellation and providing the documentation it deems appropriate and GS Tours will study the situation and inform you, by the same means, if it proceeds or not with your return request.

5.5 The refund of the amount will be made in the same way in which the payment was made. GS Tours will proceed to return the corresponding amount within 48 hours of receiving the cancellation request.

5.6 As established by Royal Decree 1/2007, of November 16, we inform you that our services, given their special nature, are not subject to the right of withdrawal.


6.1 GS Tours is not responsible for what is exclusively attributable to the Client.

6.2 GS Tours is not responsible for the waits that may arise at the entrances to the monuments to be visited.

6.3 GS Tours is not responsible for delays caused in services that require transportation due to traffic delays.

6.4 GS Tours does not accept responsibilities derived from its services, for not meeting customer expectations.

6.5 GS Tours is not liable in any way (direct or subsidiary) for any direct or indirect damage that the Client may suffer or cause himself or third parties.


7.1 The Client undertakes to always keep the e-mail address provided in his order operative, active and updated for fluid communications with GS Tours, since it constitutes the preferred means of communication for agile and smooth management in the management process of bookings.

7.2 If the Client wishes to change the contact e-mail address provided when making his purchase, he must do so through e-mail communication, complying with the security requirements demanded by GS Tours in order to verify the legitimacy of the request, so that at no time is communication between both parties interrupted.

7.3 The Client will be held liable for the consequences that the lack of operability of his e-mail address or that the absence of communication to update said data in our records could produce.

7.4 In the event that individual registration and authentication data are assigned to the Client for legitimate access to the GS Tours web pages (such as username, keys or passwords), the Client will be solely responsible for their use, protection and maintaining your confidentiality. The use of these identifiers and the communication of them to third parties, will occur under the sole responsibility of the Client, the latter being the final responsible for the purchases, communications or actions carried out using said data.


8.1 The Client declares that they are not under 14 years of age and if so, they have the corresponding parental permission or that of their legal guardian to make purchases through the GS Tours pages, and they also declare that they have sufficient legal capacity to do so.

8.2 The Client will indemnify GS Tours for all expenses that may arise in the event of being charged by the Client (or by third parties related to the Client because of the reservation), in any cause whose responsibility was not directly attributable to him, including in such compensation, the fees and expenses of the GS Tours lawyers, even when the judicial decision was not final.

8.3 In matters not provided for in this document, as well as in the interpretation and resolution of conflicts that may arise between the parties as a result of it, Spanish law will apply.

8.4 If any conflict or difference should arise between the parties (Client and Professional) in the interpretation and execution of this document, and it is not resolved by mutual agreement, it will be resolved at the request of either party and after communication by written to the other, by arbitration.

8.5 All of the above will be understood without prejudice to the fact that the parties may submit to a judicial procedure, in which case it will be done before the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the jurisdiction that the Client chooses or GS Tours.


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