Can I visit the Alhambra with you if I already have my own tickets?

Sure! We can organize a 3 hours private visit just for your group. We will adapt the start time of the tour to match the access time to the Nasrid Palaces on your tickets.

Is it difficult to find the meeting point for your Alhambra tour?

It is very easy. Our meeting point is right next to the ticket offices of the monument, in the Cafe Bar (Polinario). Our guide will be waiting by the entrance door of that bar. In any case, before your tour, we will reconfirm all the details about the meeting point and the guide's contact details, so that everything goes smooth.

We are interested in visiting the Albaicin in the afternoon. Does it always coincide with the sunset?

Exact. We will always adapt the starting time so that upon arrival to the Mirador de San Nicolas we will have a wonderful sunset in front of us.

Don't you organize "free" guided tours? What is known as Free Tours ...

At Granada Selected Tours we prefer to focus on quality tourism, because we value our clients and we always want to offer them the best possible service. We chose to get away from mass tourism that is defended by the so-called Free Tours and specialize on private visits for small groups and families who seek to enjoy the best experiences when visiting a city.

What happens if the day of the visit it rains a lot or the weather is very bad?

Our main objective is that our clients always enjoy their experience with us to the fullest. If the weather is going to be an inconvenience to achieve this, we will always try to find the best favorable solution.

Can we meet the guide directly at our hotel?

Of course. You can meet your guide directly at your hotel, within a radius of 2 kms distance from Granada city-centre.

Are these tours suitable for children?

In our "Experiences" section you can find a visit specially designed for children between 6 and 12 years old, with two different routes, lasting about two hours and designed so that they learn while having fun through simple explanations, support material and games.

How large are groups?

Our groups are maximum 10 people, as to always carry out the activities with the highest quality.

Any questions?

If you still have any doubts after reading our FAQ, please don't hesitate contacting us:
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