"Every city has its own charm, but Granada has its own and that of the rest."
Antonio Machado, Spanish poet.

The Granada of the last centuries is sometimes hidden behind the flourishing remains of its past, being eclipsed by the overwhelming monumental complex of the Alhambra.

Granada has been the birthplace and home for wise men and women, poets, artists … and also for travelers. We can find the romantics of yesterday and the Hispanists of today…

In addition to being the dream land, it is a cosmopolitan place like few others, not only its capital but also its regions such as the Tropical Coast or the Alpujarras. No to forget Sierra Nevada, its natural park and its pure water, where sighs rest… Granada thrills as much as to undo and melt all the senses. Awe-inspiring for its great artistic, cultural, religious, but above all historical value. The passage of different peoples and cultures has given Granada an incomparable heritage, being the Alhambra the most beautiful sample and has allowed Granada to grow intensely, reaching its maximum splendor with the occupation of the Arabs in the XIth century.

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History of Granada

Granada was a kingdom, capital of the province, the last Muslim kingdom in the history of Spain before being conquered by the Catholic Monarchs on January 2, 1492 after almost eight centuries of Muslim history. The same year that the Americas were discovered. The Catholic Kings and Colon held several meetings, but the last one was made in Granada, a financial agreement was reached and the number of boats and men was decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean and open Spain to The New World.

The city with the most Muslim past, whose footprints still remain in the Alhambra. And also an important Christian history, whose footprints still remain in emblematic buildings of the city: The Cathedral; The first Renaissance Cathedral in Spain, characterized by its luminosity and its enormous whiteness, work of the Catholic Monarchs and designed to symbolize the triumph of Christianity over Islam. The Royal Chapel; place of burial of the Catholic Kings, who in love with the city and consider it as a symbol of his reign, wanted to be buried in our city.

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Granada, city of commerce, marquetry, cultivation, silk … And behind the city:Its province, its landscapes, monuments, narrow streets, gastronomy and of course its people.
Granada is the most precious treasure in Spain, a storehouse of flavors, smells and passion.
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